Pollalis Food | Seasonal Produce
Not just another product on a shelf, a culinary journey with 100% natural ingredients from the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet
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Seasonal Produce

Locally Grown

Greece is known for its agricultural farming as the soil is extremely prosperous and uniquely consistent. Back in the old days, before tech advances were widely applied in agricultural produce, farmers in the Greek isles & mountains with no means to obtain food from the “outside world”, would cultivate local vegetables and to this day, there are vegetable varieties that only grow in these regions.


Spinach is an edible plant cultivated in the summer and used as the main ingredient in the traditional Greek spinach pie. In the northern regions of Greece, it is cooked with rice, like a soup, and topped with lemon juice to cope with the cold weather. Famous for its health benefits and especially for eye disease, hence the Popeye effect!


Leek, the big brother of chives & spring onions is ready to be harvested sometime in the Autumn months. Be it fried, boiled, raw or roasted, leek blends well with meat, poultry, traditional pies, salads, soups, and other dishes. It contains a variety of nutrients such as fiber, minerals, vitamins & antioxidants.