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Not just another product on a shelf, a culinary journey with 100% natural ingredients from the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet
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Locally Grown

Greek Feta

Greek feta (PDO, PGI) is a brined curd white cheese, produced exclusively in Greece, usually from sheep’s milk and sometimes mixed with cow’s milk. It could be argued that it is the world’s most recognizable cheese and Greece’s number one exported product. Roughly 65% of the entire production is exported to Germany, the UK & Italy. Its texture differs depending on the region which is being produced and can be either soft, semi-hard, hard with few cuts and no skin. The same principle applies to its flavor; it can be a bit saltier, spicier and of course balanced. It’s not just a product but rather a taste of tradition.


Graviera is Greece’s second most popular cheese after Feta, and it is mainly made in Crete out of sheep’s milk and left to ripen for at least three months. The milk used for the production of this cheese comes from animals that are allowed to graze freely in mountainous and semi-mountainous regions in Crete, where no pollutants such as insect repellents or pesticides can be found. Sheep and goats in Crete consist of small native species that produce relatively small quantities of milk, that is however particularly rich in nutritional ingredients, especially fat and proteins. Graviera Kritis is a registered PDO product.