Pollalis Food | Crackers
Not just another product on a shelf, a culinary journey with 100% natural ingredients from the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet
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Energy Bites with Oats & Greek Thyme Honey


Delicious energy bites with Oats & Greek Thyme Honey that give you the necessary energy for a challenging day. Α healthy energy snack, naturally sweetened by the superior quality Greek Thyme Honey along with the nutritional benefits of the oat, that can be enjoyed any time & everywhere.

Wholesome Bites with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Greek Olives


Wholesome crispy bites, baked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, high quality Sun Dried Tomatoes & Olives from Greece. The combination of the distinct taste of the Greek Sun Dried Tomatoes with the Greek olives creates a delicious and intense Mediterranean snack.

Wholesome Bites with Greek Feta & Gruyere Cheese from Crete


Wholesome Crispy bites baked with Extra Virgin Extra Olive Oil, high quality Greek Feta Cheese & Gruyere Cheese from Crete. The combination of the rich flavoured Greek Feta cheese with the refined and sweet aroma of the Gruyere cheese offers a delicious and exciting snack that can be enjoyed any time during the day.

Wholesome Bites with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Greek Wild Greens


Wholesome crispy bites baked with extra virgin olive oil and high quality Greek Wild Greens (leek, spinach, stamnagathi, fennel). The mixture of the bitter, sour and sweet Greek wild greens delivers an exciting and balanced feast of flavor, rich in nutritional benefits.